Vera and John Casino

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    Vera and John Casino
    Casino Overview

    For anyone who is looking to partake in some online casino gaming but is trying to find the right website for their needs, the Vera and John Casino is one available option. Players from all around the world are able to play, including residents of Australia, the UK, Canada and in Sweden. This way, there is always something to play and something to enjoy. It all just comes down to what someone is looking for and the kind of game they are interested in playing.

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    About the Vera and John Casino

    Vera and John Casino is a fun filled casino that makes it easy to play a variety of different games. It is easy to navigate and has a bold, light blue color which makes all of the other gaming icons really pop. This way, it is easy to read product descriptions and find the right game for a player’s needs. The gaming types vary and in fact, as the website suggests, players win around $3 million every single day on the over 700 different games found on the website. There is also a rewards program and signup bonuses which are excellent for players.

    The rewards program offers points for players for every dollar they deposit into their account and for every dollar they bet on games. The signup bonus matches the initial deposit 100% and the over 700 different games provide players with a large selection of available gaming options.

    Games at Vera and John Casino

    For starters, Vera and John Casino is all about slots. While there are other game types out there, slots is the main type of game available here. All of the newest and most popular forms of slots are listed on the front page. These games range from traditional slots to larger, visual based games. So, it doesn’t matter if a player is interested in a one pay line, three reel game, or if they would rather play a 40 pay line, 5 reel game, there is an option for them.

    Beyond this though, there are some other kinds of games. Video slots is available at Vera and John Casino for those who enjoy this kind of game. The video slots range from regular five card draw power to Texas hold em’ and several other variations. This way, there really is something for everyone. It does not have live video slots, but at long as that does not matter, this is still a fantastic offering for individuals.

    There are a few other kinds of games available through the Vera & John Online Casino website. This includes table games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps and several others. More or less, if a player wants to take part in a casino game, they are able to find it right here. There are always new games being added as well, so if a player is looking for a particular game on the Vera & John Online Casino but they are not sure where to turn or if it is available, they just need to select the “Other Games” option.

    Origin of Vera and John Casino and the License

    The Vera and John Casino is one of the newer online casinos available to players. It has been around since the 10th of October, 2014, although the initial stages of the online casino went into effect back in February of 2012. It is governed by the Malta Gaming Authority and is licensed by the same authority. It is protected by several different elements of protective security, including encryption and the online gaming authority. This way, when someone signs up with the Vera & John Online Casino, they know they are going to be properly protected and not have to worry about any financial issues stemming from the website.

    Who Can Play

    It is possible for most of Europe to play the game. Individuals located in the UK and in Sweden can play the website. Residents of both Australia and New Zealand can play the website, as well as individuals living in Canada. Currently, the website is not available in the United States, but that is due to government regulations. For patrons of the Vera & John Online Casino, they may not be able to access the website while visiting the U.S, even if they have a device that originated from the one of the approved countries.

    For individuals looking to take on new online gaming options, the Vera & John Online Casino is an excellent website to look into.

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