Royal Panda Casino

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    Royal Panda Casino
    Casino Overview

    The Royal Panda Casino is one of the most popular Swedish online casino in existence. There are many different types of games, tons of promotions that are consistently updated and switched out, including matching the first deposits by 100% on behalf of Royal Panda Casino. Keep in mind that one might not ever know how great Royal Panda Casino is without trying it.

    Royal Panda Casino is relatively young, only being founded in 2013. This great casino has all of the licenses that are necessary to operate an online casino. Royal Panda Casino is available in a variety of languages, including Portuguese, Czech, German, Chinese, and English, among other languages. Even though Royal Panda Casino is Swedish, players all around the world can play most all of the games on this wonderful website.

    There are many different types of games that are available on Royal Panda Casino, much more than most other Swedish online casinos, or any online casinos for that matter. Slots, roulette, blackjack, other table games, and live casinos are offered. Being able to play with other people rather than a computer makes the game so much more fun, especially if one is skilled. Either way, playing games on Royal Panda Casino’s interface is arguably much more enjoyable than most other online casinos.

    The live casino provided has baccarat and three card poker. The amount of games that are able to be played on the live casino portion of Royal Panda Casino is not that high, but all of the games are very fun because of the ability to play with actual people that are playing the same game in real time with the player. This is much more exciting than the completely computerized games, but that is not to say that all of the games on Royal Panda Casino are bad — they are all very fun to the vast majority of players on this site.

    In the live casinos, there are actually real dealers that actually deal cards. So, instead of having to look at the computerized interface, one is able to look at the dealers, the actual cards, with a real, professional feel. The live casino is actually broadcaster from a TV studio, rather than a medium to lower quality webcam. This type of live casino on Royal Panda Casino is one of the best features of this site. The quality of the livestream is that of a television network, so gamers should never worry about becoming disconnected or having to deal with a dealer with a connection that does not have the necessary bandwidth and streaming rate to appeal to the customers.

    Royal Panda Casino has a customer loyalty program that keeps its loyal customers around. Consistently using Royal Panda’s interface for online casino gaming brings points that can be used for the games on this site, including holidays in tropical or other exotic areas. Not many other casinos provide these rewards to its best customers.

    One of the most popular promotions on Royal Panda Casino is on the 21st of the month, players are encouraged to play blackjack so they have the chance at winning $210 for simply winning the promotion, which is not that hard. Also, there is a very popular and rewarding $150 that is given as a Bamboo Bonus, which starts every Friday and it gives the gamers a maximum boost of fifty percent on a one hundred fifty dollar deposit. All of the promotions on Royal Panda Casino are great deals.

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