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    Casino Overview

    InterCasino founded the very first online casino in 1996 when most people did not have an email address. InterCasino has since become one of the largest online casinos in the world even though it started out at a small Swedish online casino. This casino has had the most time to develop over the years, and its selection of games and bonuses is one of the most robust in the industry today. Anyone who enjoys gaming online must take a trip back to the origin of all online gaming to see what the past and future hold.

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    The Games at InterCasino

    InterCasino has more games on the casino than any other casino online. Each online casino must make a choice between the traditional games offered by InterCasino in the old days and the games that are offered by InterCasino in the modern age. Modern video games and slot machines are dramatically different than they once were, and players who want to see a healthy selection of both will find them at InterCasino.

    You will discover that this casino has the largest slot machine room in the world, and there are hundreds of tables that feature only poker and blackjack. InterCasino once focused on the traditional games as it grew, and the traditional games have had ages to grow into something beautiful that you play today. Players will find new games in the casino every month, and the company has contracts with several different programming firms that are working on new games as we speak. InterCasino is cutting edge in every way, and the games in the casino are so advanced that players get lost in the adventure scenarios from the games. Each game in the casino gets deeper and deeper with intrigue as the programmers make updates, and InterCasino runs promotions to help players get into a new part of each game.

    InterCasino Security

    Security at InterCasino is the most developed in the industry. The InterCasino staff once protected their site from hackers with basic security programs, but InterCasino has been in the business of upgrading its security before anyone else. The casino uses 128-bit encryption to protect players, and all transactions on the site are run over a secure server with the https prefix.

    Customer Service

    InterCasino started in the days when online casino took phone calls to handle customer service issues. Customers may make phone calls to the customer service department, or customers may send emails to the staff for help. There is an open chat line that allows customers to speak directly with someone on the customer service team, and the open chat line makes customer service happen that much faster. Customers may resolve problems with their accounts, link new financial accounts and get tax information from the customer service department at one time.

    InterCasino Bonuses

    The bonuses and promotions at InterCasino have grown into a large catalog that players may choose from when they arrive at the casino. The casino is a lovely place for players to play, and each promotion is attached to someone’s favorite game. You may choose the promotions for the casino based on your favorite game, the money you want to win or the tournament you want to enter. Promotions are easy to find at InterCasino, and you may choose a new promotion every day if you like. The promotions page is open to you at all times when you want to add a little more intrigue to your visit to the casino.

    The games at InterCasino make up a large selection from poker to blackjack, and the slot machines in the casino are exciting for all players who consider themselves enthusiasts. There are thousands of casinos online today, but InterCasino was the first of these casinos to online. The casino has grown over the years into something very impressive, and the design of the casino welcomes players to a lovely new gaming floor.

    You may play at InterCasino at any time with a small deposit that will net you larger bonuses in the future. Each player who comes to InterCasino has the chance to win big money in a variety of games and promotions, and new material comes out often because of InterCasino’s connections in the industry.

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